Custom Lab Automation and Scheduling Software

The world’s most customizable laboratory automation systems

Wako Automation’s approach to automation focuses on the customer first.  We design and build automated laboratory systems by working closely with the scientists who are experts at the semi-automated or manual process they have already designed. We use our experience and engineering expertise to make our customer’s vision come alive.

Wako Automation provides robust designs, laboratory hardware, and integration services all linked by our proprietary Director™ scheduling software. The end result is a reliable walk-away system that can meticulously fulfill unique and diverse laboratory processes day and night, 7 days per week, with minimal downtime, and easy recovery.

Years of Experience and the Power of FUJIFILM

Wako Automation’s personnel have been providing integrated laboratory systems for close to 20 years. Our systems can be found in major pharmaceutical companies, large institutions, smaller biotech’s, and academic institutions.

Industry leading Scheduling Software

Design and hardware are only part of the story. Director™, Wako’s proprietary scheduling software, has provided unmatched stability in powering integrated systems for almost 20 years. Our team of software engineers responds quickly to customer needs continuously adding new functionality, while maintaining stability.

Flexible Designs and Robust Services

  • Wako designs systems large and small, industrial and collaborative
  • Staubli robotic arms for industrial systems for 24/7 operation
  • Precise Automation collaborative robots for large to small flexible lab automation
  • SmartCel-2 compact multilevel workcells by Flexible Lab Solutions
  • All of our systems are powered by Director™, FUJIFILM’s proprietary scheduling software
  • New updates to Director™ are being released each year to incorporate new feature requests
  • Flexibility to work with your LIMS system of choice
  • Dedicated Project managers to guide you toward development of the ideal system for your application
  • Custom software integration and a Software Development Kit (SDK) if you prefer to do your own customization
  • Full support plans to maximize up time and assist with new application methods

Director™ 6 Scheduling Software

Director™ proprietary scheduling engine powers all of FUJIFILM’s automated systems

The engine behind every Wako Automation laboratory system is Director™, the most flexible scheduling software on the market. Wako prides itself on flexibility and meeting our customer’s diverse needs. Director™ is designed to enable quick easy customization to make your vision reality.

Use the software development kit (SDK) to develop and implement your own customizations while benefiting from a fully supported scheduling software from FUJIFILM.

Robust and Intuitive

Industry leading error recovery

Wako Automation systems have been running for almost 20 years. This is a testament to our robust design and flexibility. Wako systems have some of the lowest mean time to failure. This is the main reason our customers use our systems year after year, while surrounding lab equipment is put into retirement.

Wako Automation believes automation software should be easy to use. We have designed Director so that it’s simple for anyone to develop new methods or modify current workflows. With minimal software training you can have full control over your automated system.

Director™ has advanced logging capabilities, robust error recovery and is flexible enough to work with your LIMS system of choice.

Over the last 20 years we have built up a large list of device drivers to communicate with a large range of automated instruments. Even if a driver is not currently available, on average our software team can develop one for your instrument of choice in under 2 weeks.

  • Intuitive web interface provides the ability to create complex, multi-branched methods
  • Control multiple robot systems
  • Real time charting of runs
  • Multi-stage method simulator for detailed process analysis
  • Scheduled start times and remote start a method
  • Advanced data logging captures plate movements and time at every location
  • Remote access and remote notification
  • Run multiple methods simultaneously
  • Interleave new methods while another is already running
  • Run a method without the need to inventory plates prior to start
  • Create, edit and simulate new methods while the system is running
  • Operate unused equipment in offline mode during method execution
  • Ability to generate new methods on the fly based on outside data
  • An API provides the ability to be controlled by third party systems
  • Software Development Kit (SDK) available to create your own drivers
  • Collate run data across multiple runs
  • Real time tracking of system inventory
  • Driver availability for a large range of third-party equipment
  • Priority settings within and between methods
  • 21CFR part 11 compliant

Advanced Interface

Director™ 6 has advanced logging capabilities that can be used to track all aspects of a system. If an error is detected, the system can be configured to send external communications to notify users. Director™ 6 software is robust, once an error is fixed the system can continue where it left off without the need to start over.

Software Development Kit

Advanced users can utilize the Director SDK for instant creation and rapid deployment of custom drivers and custom methods. The enhanced flexibility and simplistic programming techniques allow users to be as independent as they choose, while still benefiting from advanced programming services if desired.

  • Device Driver Development
  • LIMS Integration

Powerful Simulation

The embedded emulation processor enables protocols to be created and executed in simulation mode. All data is captured and stored in the Director database allowing users to continually monitor performance and optimize protocols.

Increased Efficiency

Quickly evaluate instrument utilization to identify bottlenecks and speed up processing.

Real-time inventory management

Director monitors barcodes at all stages of operation, enabling accurate snapshots of plate inventory and real-time barcode tracking. All barcode data is appended to the run logs for absolute data integrity.

The intuitive web interface and modular network structure, allow Director to be configured to your exact requirements. Instrument drivers can be installed locally on the main host PC, or on a separate PC / Server for network operation.

SmartCel-2™ by Flexible Lab Solutions

FUJFILM Wako Automation has partnered with Flexible Lab Solutions to offer the SmartCel-2 workcell solution, powered by FUJIFILM’s Director 6 Scheduling Software

The Smartcel is a fully automated integration environment, designed to extend the remote capabilities of robotic workcells in the laboratory. The Smartcel is loaded with versatile technology to allow you to use automation to a higher level and improve your return on investment.

Automating your environment with Smartcel is the smarter, safer and more efficient way to work.

Smartcel is a modular system designed to roll into place and be reconfigured easily.

Smartcel is engineered around people, the unique enclosed design keeps your team safe and your processes secure.

Store up to 700 plates across multiple channels in the lower deck – keeping the top deck free and your process flowing.


Designed with provision for all services including cooling fans and cables embedded into a singular workcell. Smartcel captures and controls the system by logging status, temperature and humidity.

As your lab requirements grow so can your automation. Smartcel is made to enable expansion by coupling multiple workcells together.

Maximize automation. Minimize risk and labor costs. Smartcel is designed to work remotely for increased productivity and fewer user errors.

Wako Automation Microplate Lids

  • Better Screening Data
  • Minimize Edge Effects
  • Reduce Hydration of DMSO

Wako Automation’s patented assay lids and storage plate lids (formerly Kalypsys Microplate Lids) significantly reduce edge effects when compared to other microplate lids.

Wako’s standard microplate lids are made from stainless steel and contain a rubber gasket that sits around the top outer edge of an assay plate. The weight of the lid allows the gasket to form a strong barrier around the plate, virtually eliminating edge effects. The cellular assay lid contains small evenly placed holes that allow gas exchange necessary for cellular assays.

Improved Data Quality

Wako’s assay lids can be used with standard SBS format 96, 384, and 1536 well plates. As shown in the chart below they will significantly improve data quality when running multiday cell based assays.

Wako microplate lids are reusable and autoclavable.

Cellular Assay Lids – Manual use and for use with Wako Automated Cellular
Incubators. The cellular assay lid contains small evenly placed holes that allow even temperature, humidity, and gas exchange necessary for cellular assays.

Compound Lids – No holes, no gas exchange. Used for biochemical assays or for temporary compound storage.

Wako Automation microplate lids are covered by US patents #6534014 & #23108450.