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Advanced lab automation solutions for the lab of the future

We power each lab’s unique environment with powerful confocal high content imaging systems, specialized microlids that improve data quality, a unique automated system for isolating spheroids, and leading edge image analysis support.

Our Director™ Lab Scheduling Software is a versatile and customizable solution for instrumentation companies and integrators. OEM scheduling software will enable your company to create solutions for your client using the power of Director™. Our open platform allows you to tailor the software to meet the specific needs of your business and customers.

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    Wako Automation’s patented assay and storage plate lids minimize edge effects. 

    • Automated cellular and compound lids made from stainless steel with a rubber gasket work well with Wako’s Automated Incubators and Carousels.
    • Generic use cellular and compound lids are a bit lighter and smaller, fitting a wide range of hotels, carousels and incubators.

    Use Wako’s proprietary assay lids with standard SBS format 96, 384, and 1536 well plates to improve data quality when running multi day cell-based assays.

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    Yokogawa’s High Content Imaging and Analysis Platform provides the fastest, highly sensitive, and most flexible high content imaging system in the world. Wako is a long-time distributor of the Yokogawa CV8000 HCS imaging system throughout Europe. 

    • Yokogawa CV8000: preferred by labs worldwide for Cell Painting campaigns, the CV8000 remains the fastest confocal Cell Painting imaging system on the market today. 
    • Yokogawa’s Cell Pathfinder Analysis (CPf) : designed for screeners and microscopists, CPf uses simple application templates for standard assays, features a simplified mode for new HCS users, and an advanced mode with over 100 selections to optimize object identification.  
    • Wako Software Suite (WSS): Wako Automation software designed to enhance the functionality of the Yokogawa CV8000. Users can quickly search for objects of interest in low resolution mode and easily re-image in high resolution. 

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    Wako Automation is the exclusive North American and European distributor of the Yamaha Cell Handler™, an automated cell isolation and imaging system. The Cell Handler uses a built-in microscope to image and detect cells before gently aspirating and dispensing them from a source vessel into a destination well.

    Use the Cell Handler™ to detect and isolate individual spheroids, organoids or PDX samples as large as 180µm in diameter. 

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    In partnership with the Broad Institute of Harvard and MIT, Wako Automation provides a variety of image analysis support for users of CellProfiler. CellProfiler is a free, open source, cell image analysis software designed for biologists by the Broad Institute. 

    • Full and Half-Day Training classes – A Fujifilm application scientist will help your team understand how to use CellProfiler to advance specific research projects.
    • Pipeline Design – We’ll help you build a finalized pipeline using CellProfiler 
    • Custom Image Analysis Scripts – One of our scientists will provide training and analysis assistance for Fiji/ImageJ, KNIME, Ilastik, QuPath, and Python.

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