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Our solutions for instrumentation companies and integrators

Our Director™ Lab Scheduling Software is a versatile and customizable solution for instrumentation companies and integrators. OEM scheduling software will enable your company to create solutions for your client using the power of Director™. Our open platform allows you to tailor the software to meet the specific needs of your business and customers.

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An Instrumentation company can utilize Director so that fully automated processes, involving a variety of devices but centered on your instrumentation, can be provided to your customers, expanding sales opportunities, while maintaining direct engagement with your customer.

Independent integrators can use Director as an OEM product to develop you own brand by modifying the out of the box UI, utilizing Director via direct API calls, and building your own specialized drivers that provide unique functionality to your customers.

Director’s Lab Scheduling Software is equipped with an API interface based on open standards and includes all interfaces used by our UI. The Open API in conjunction with Director’s Software Development Kit (SDK) liberates you from the constraints of most scheduling software providers. You have the power to customize and control Director for the benefit of your system design, according to your specific needs, thereby enhancing the workflow capabilities of your customer’s process. Director’s intuitive interface and unique features enable you to swiftly integrate Director scheduling software software with your existing products, systems, and processes.

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