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Why labs should opt for an open platform with a Software Development Kit (SDK) versus a closed provider

The realm of laboratory automation operates at the intersection of precision and efficiency. In this rapidly evolving landscape, the choice of automation software becomes pivotal. While closed providers may offer a seemingly straightforward and convenient solution, their limitations can hinder innovation and flexibility. 

Some may argue that providers are the experts of their own system and therefore they are happy to rely on their integrator for everything. Concerns may arise regarding the initial learning curve when switching from a closed provider to a new open provider. Yet, it’s crucial to recognize that the investment in learning an open platform pays off in the long term through increased flexibility, efficiency, and innovation.

Opting for an open platform like Director™ Lab Scheduling Software, equipped with a Software Development Kit (SDK), liberates your lab from the constraints of laboratory integrators. You have the power to customize and improve your automation systems according to your lab’s specific needs, thereby enhancing workflow capabilities.

Let’s explore this in more detail:


Closed providers impose rigid constraints on customization, while an open platform offers unparalleled flexibility. Director™ has an intuitive interface coupled with the SDK enabling you to swiftly create and deploy custom drivers and methods. This allows you to tailor your automation systems to your lab’s unique workflow.

Trustworthy Compliance

An open platform ensures transparency and flexibility in maintaining data integrity and regulatory compliance. With Director™, you can seamlessly align the software with your workflows and protocols, ensuring reliable data generation that meets regulatory standards. This provides reassurance knowing that your lab’s compliance needs are met without compromising efficiency or innovation.

Optimization and Scalability

Closed providers often fail to maximize lab efficiency due to rigid design choices. Director™ provides powerful insights into instrument utilization, allowing you to streamline processes and achieve maximum throughput. Its scalability ensures that your automation systems can evolve as the needs of your lab grow, offering long-term efficiency gains that closed providers cannot match. 


Unlike closed providers with recurring fees, Director™ offers a one-time investment, ensuring predictable budgeting and long-term savings. Concerns about hidden costs or the perceived affordability of closed providers are alleviated by Director™’s transparent pricing model. Say goodbye to unexpected expenses and hello to peace of mind, knowing that your investment in Director™ is a cost-effective choice for your lab.

Dynamic Mobility

With an open platform, you can monitor and manage active runs from any device, enabling smooth workflow management from anywhere in the world. Concerns about the accessibility or reliability of remote monitoring in an open platform are addressed by the mobility feature of Director™. It enhances productivity and flexibility without compromising security or reliability, providing unmatched convenience that closed providers cannot offer.

Future-Proofing and Innovation Potential

With access to Director™’s open platform and SDK, you have the power to develop tailored lab solutions and drive continuous improvement, safeguarding your automation systems against technological obsolescence and industry changes.

Community Collaboration

Join a vibrant community of users and developers, fostering the exchange of ideas, solutions, and best practices. An open system provides you and your lab with support and invaluable resources for innovation and growth.

In conclusion, by opting for an open platform with SDK, you’re not just selecting a tool – you’re choosing a pathway to liberation and innovation in your lab’s automation journey. Break free from the constraints of closed providers and gain control over your automation systems. Experience our open platform’s boundless potential for customization, innovation, and operational excellence with Director™.

Ready to embark on this transformative journey? Schedule your demo now and witness firsthand the power of our software in shaping the future of your lab. Don’t settle for limitations – join the revolution in laboratory automation today!